Friday, 16 May 2014

The reality of being a fashion intern

Believe it or not, being a fashion intern requires a lot more work than just picking up the dry cleaning and running back and forth Starbucks. It's equally as tedious as it is rewarding and I rushed into mine far more unprepared than I'd liked to have been. I often found myself feeling overwhelmed with the whole experience. It's almost like living a double life. You start your day with the metro in one hand and Oyster in the other and you arrive at the studio chatting to the colleagues about who went where and who wore what. You start to feel like a fully fledged grown up and in a sense, living the dream.. Until you finish your day and find yourself heading back to your tiny one bedroom apartment all alone where you live off super noodles and blackcurrant squash for the foreseeable future. 
Interning is exceptionally frustrating. I was interning at one of my favourite fashion houses alongside one of my favourite British designers and although assisting on photo shoots, jabbering with celebrities and industry insiders and rummaging through archives of previous seasons was my idea of heaven. The worst part was when I'd snap back to reality and find that I'm just an intern and there was no certainty that the lifestyle I was currently tasting is the one I'll spend my future indulging in. 
It's almost like being teased by the industry. You either stay and work for free, happily obliging to the tedious jobs that none of the actual employes wanted to do. Or you say good bye to the dream and find yourself working at a bar earning minimum wage and watching this childhood fantasy slowly fade away.
How could I ever be happy working in a bar after doing all this, right? 

I don't want this to come across as a whole lot of negativity as interning was one of the best things I have ever done. Although moments of it were incredibly stressful, the rewarding moments completely out weigh them and I'd love to relive the opportunity over and over again.

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