Tuesday, 16 September 2014

LFW street style

I've been dying to share with you what I got up to during fashion week but it doesn't get released until mid October so until then you'll have to settle with some left over street style snaps. 
London has always been my favourite city for street style, especially during fashion week. The diversity of styles and sub-cultures is like no other city. You normally get the mixture of men in perfectly tailored suits, the try-hards wearing outfits that they've spent the past four months planning (props to them) and then you get the gals thinking they're wearing something completely unique but turning up in the same outfit - I thought fedoras were my thing? 
Everything the fashion industry represents is normally found on the cobbles of Somerset House just as much as it is in showrooms. After all, fashion is just an individuals take on a particular trend, right? A way to express ones personal style? 

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