Friday, 22 May 2015

A few days in Berlin

I always want my travel posts to be beautifully constructed with photographs and words that perfectly grasp each moment but often it can be difficult to find the right words to describe memories to my own satisfaction. However, I like the idea of preserving my adventures on a blog far more than I like the thought of keeping them tucked away.
Berlin was by far one of my favourite cities to visit. It holds all the qualities of a city without being over crowded and the locals are so friendly. It is so rare that a stranger will spark up a conversation whilst walking around London, so it was certainly refreshing to exchange greetings with strangers regularly (even if there was a slight language barrier). 
We were lucky enough to be graced with consistent sunshine, which made our time exploring all the better, with regular stops for Haagen Dazs and iced lattes.
I've never been fond of organised tours or trips, so most of our time was spent walking from place to place and getting the u-bahn. Theres always a few significant monuments I want to see, but truthfully my favourite thing about visiting a new place is finding unexpected treasures and little independent stores and coffee shops. On our last day, we hired a set of bikes and set off with no real plan in mind. We gambled at each turning and ended up seeing some beautiful parts of the city we never would of known about. 
I had the most delightful time in Berlin and I couldn't recommend it more. I've also compiled a small list of recommendations/things to consider if you are planning a visit. I hope it helps! 

1. The U/S Bahn was such an easy and convenient way of travelling, especially if you have a city mapper app on your phone. There is stops outside most major monuments, both airports and at most shopping districts. It's also inexpensive!
2. I always feel skeptical about eating street food, especially when in a different country but I'm so thankful I looked passed that as some of the best food in Germany can be found on street corners and holes in the wall. 
3. Cycling around is such a popular way for tourists to get by and it's a lot more fun than walking around, especially on a warm day. There is bike hire facilities in most tourist areas so you won't have to go far to find one.
4. Whether it be by boat, foot or bike I recommend following the river Spree around the city. It is such a tranquil way to see the place and theres plenty of places to stop and enjoy, including some pretty Pinterest worthy bars and restaurants.

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