Friday, 17 July 2015

24 hours in London

I visit London at least once a month for both work and leisure, I even spent a little while living there whilst I interned two Winters ago. My love for this City grows with each visit and it's a place I feel privileged to call my second home. I actually share some of my fondest memories with this city and I hold onto those moments of complete enlightenment with all my heart. When you find yourself and your surroundings so in tune you get an overwhelming sense of happiness. Maybe not London, but my heart definitely belongs in a City. 

We hit the road late evening on Friday, watching the sun set over the long stretch of road whilst listening to Ben Howard. We then started our Saturday morning with orange juice and pain au chocolate in bed, before quickly heading to Camden to see what henna stalls they had, trying our best to beat the usual Saturday bustle and miserably failing to avoid the crowds we headed for Lunch at Fire & Stone in Covent Garden for the most delicious pizza e-v-e-r. By this point the sun was already scorching so we just mooched around South Kens for the afternoon, mainly catching rays in the John Madejski gardens at the V&A, my current favourite place for Summer chills!

Here's some photos I thought I'd share!


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