Friday, 29 January 2016

La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur | Review

More often or not when asked to review a new beauty product for my blog I have to kindly decline, because as much as I love slathering my face with all kinds of products, my beauty reviews are some what rusty. Although every now and again, well loved brands of mine send new treats to try out and who am I to say no to that? This new La Roche Posay Effaclar BB Blur* by Escentual fell through my letterbox a little while ago and I've been trialling it out ever since and here's my thoughts..

My initial thoughts where how dark the fair/light shade was, much darker than any of my other face products but it blends into the skin almost translucent so this really isn't an issue once applied. The formula is creamy but personally far too light of a coverage to use as a base product to replace a foundation (like most BB creams) I will admit though it certainly blurs out pores and blemishes making it an excellent primer. 
It also acts as a sunscreen with SPF 20 and has oil absorbing qualities. This is where I become a little negative as my skin isn't actually very oily, only occasionally on my t-zone. I actually struggle more with keeping my skin hydrated so I usually avoid products specifically tailored for oily skin. However it is difficult to find a good primer that doesn't dry out my skin, the only product I have found to blur out pores and hydrate the skin is Benefit Porfessional. On the first day I tried it, I applied the BB Blur all over my face and unfortunately it did dry out my skin and once my foundation was applied it looked slightly patchy on my cheeks which is never a flattering look. I half expected this to happen as this is more of a reflection on my skin type and not the product, I'm sure this would apply beautifully to oil prone skin and create a flawless base but it's certainly correct when it states it's oil absorbing. The second day I tested it out I decided to use it on my t-zone only, the area of my face prone to oil and fortunately the area of my face where pores are most visible. The BB Blur minimised the appearance of pores and my foundation appeared flawless once applied. I also noticed a huge difference in how my foundation looked around those areas in comparison to the rest of my face which didn't have any primer on it. It's just unfortunate that it can be slightly de-hydrating to other areas of my face. As for minimising the appearance of pores and blemishes on the areas I do use it, it certainly does the job and I'm positive that if you have oily skin this is a product you'll want at hand!
If you have naturally oily skin or want a more flawless matte coverage then I couldn't recommend it more but if you have dry-normal skin and prefer a dewy looking base then this is probably a product you would want to give a miss. You can read more on the product here.


  1. I have oily skin so it's really good to know this is a good choice for my skin type, also excellent that it doubles as sun protection

    Laura x

  2. I'd definitely use this as a primer. I love my full coverage foundation so i'm not really a fan of bb cremes x


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