Friday, 1 April 2016

GAME CHANGER | Sigma Spa Express Brush Glove

If there's one thing I hate about using make-up it's the tedious task of cleaning make-up brushes. Despite how horrendously inconvenient and boring it can be, it's also extremely important because nobody wants to be smearing bacteria filled bristles across their face and there's also a huge sense of satisfaction watching your entire brush collection laid out to dry (or is this just me??).
I'm always looking for ways to make cleaning brushes a more convenient task and thanks to the Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove* I'm able to have completely cleansed brushes with ease.

The brush glove is a small and convenient glove that can be folded up to easily transport (or fit in tight spaces for those of you with overflowing make-up collections) and features seven textured patterns designed to clean both face and eye brushes. The different textures are conveniently placed to create a process that works best for you. I like to use the larger dots to 'wash off excess product from the brush' and then cleanse it with a brush cleanser (I use MAC Brush Cleanser) on the refine area before drying them off on the rinse section. You can also tailor each area depending on the type of brush you're cleaning. It can also be used to clean beauty blenders and sponges. 
What I like best about the glove is that it not only takes less time to wash them, the brushes get a deep clean and I'm confident after using the glove that they're fully cleansed. The shape of the glove includes a convenient wrist and thumb strap to comfortably hold it whilst cleaning brushes more vigorously. The glove is also easily washable and rinses off any excess product or soaps instantly so it can dry along with the brushes and be put away in no time. 
This brush cleaning glove has been a real game changer for me and I couldn't wait to share it with you. I've also been enjoying using a variety of new Sigma brushes and products that the PR team kindly sent me over to test out.. I'm officially hooked on Sigma! 

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